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NEW! Demco Software unites Evanced software and Boopsie mobile apps for an integrated platform not offered anywhere else. The resulting suite of products puts all of your resources plust trusted knowledge within reach. Community engagement solutions include room and event management, reading programs, brain fitness and mobile apps.

The Benefits of a Library Mobile App from Boopsie

Deliver More Value to Your Users and Your Community with Less Resources

Your Library's Brand & Content
Reach & Relevance
Easy to Use & Maintain
Fast & Efficient

Your Library's Brand & Content- At Users' Fingertips

Boopsie builds mobile apps for libraries with the library's logo, images and artwork. We put your icon on the smartphones and tablets your patrons and students use everyday. Deliver eBooks, eAudioBooks and increase circulation by enabling in-app mobile catalog searches and mobile access to library services. Boopsie is the world leader in mobile apps for libraries and enables librarians to remind their users and community that their library is just one click away.

Your Library's Brand & Content - At Users Fingertips!

Reach & Relevance

Mobile apps for libraries serve as an ideal channel to reach users 24/7 and are a great way to increase your library's relevance in the community and increase use of the services you have already purchased. Does a growing percentage of your community speak Spanish, Chinese or Russian? Use Boopsie's new Multilingual Service to deliver Your Library's App in ANY language.

English Spanish Russian Chinese Japanese French Portuguese Arabic German Korean

Easy to Use & Maintain

Boopsie keeps up with rapidly changing mobile technology, so you don't have to! 4000+ libraries use Boopsie because we make it EASY for non-technical library staff to deploy and maintain Their Library's App. Boopsie easily integrates with all major ILS solutions, and keeps up with new platforms like Windows Phone 8 and Kindle Fire.

Fast & Efficient

Boopsie enables your patrons and students to quickly find the content they want via a native mobile app for your library. Our proprietary Smart Prefix™ search delivers the fastest catalog search available, with only a few keystrokes. Smartphone and tablet users love typing in "ma gl" instead of "Malcolm Gladwell" when they are searching for titles from their favorite author. Boopsie also reduces the time required by library staff to help patrons by enabling self-checkout using a mobile device and catalog search using an in-app barcode scanner. Giving patrons 24/7 access to your services, your library catalog and their account information increases library circulation and user satisfaction while reducing the resources required by your staff to meet demands.

Fast & Efficient

Acquire New Library Users and Increase Circulation with a Mobile App for YOUR Library

69% of Library Patrons use Mobile Apps to Access Information!

Deliver Your Library’s Mobile App on ANY Smartphone or Tablet!

Mobile Device Users Spend 2 1/2 HOURS PER DAY Using Apps and only 30 Minutes per Day Using Mobile Browsers -- Get a Library-Branded App to Increase Access and Usage!

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So What’s Your Library's Mobile Strategy?

Over 4000 Libraries Worldwide Use Mobile Apps from Boopsie!

Deliver Your Library's services to your users, patrons and students 24/7 on any smartphone or tablet with a library-branded mobile app from Boopsie. Library users want to stay connected to Your Library. Keep up with the complexities of mobile technology and rapidly changing user demand by delivering your library's ILS and non-catalog services with a library-branded mobile app from Boopsie. Our magic mobile platform scales, and builds native mobile apps for Your Library on iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Mobile.

Mendik Library New York Law School Multnomah County Library
“Boopsie was very responsive to our needs and delivered what we needed to serve our students.”
Grace Lee<br><em>Emerging Technologies Librarian<br>The Mendik Library<br>New York Law School</em>
Grace Lee
Emerging Technologies Librarian
The Mendik Library
New York Law School
“We hold a deep commitment to being responsive to the communities we serve. Our ‘We Speak Your Language’ approach provides information and resources to community members in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Boopsie has been a fantastic partner for us to enable this service.”
Jeremy Graybill
Jeremy Graybill
Marketing and Communications Director

Boopsie's Mobile App Platform for Libraries is Robust and Flexible

We Build Your Library App with the Features that Most Benefit Your Community

Search Icon
Catalog Search
Provide patrons with real-time access to your library’s collection via their smartphones and tablets.
Location Icon
Library Locator
GPS-aware technology shares branch locations, hours of operation and contact information.
Book Icon
Additional eContent Integration
Deliver eBook, eAudioBook and video content to your patrons and students via a Boopsie Native Mobile App.
Star Icon
Star Partners
Deliver one-click access to OverDrive, OneClickdigital, Literati and more...
ILS Icon
ILS Integration
Gives patrons the ability to manage their accounts including placing holds and renewals
Comments Icon
Ask a Librarian
With direct connection to reference services via text, email or phone, your patrons can reach you from any location
Calendar Icon
Calendar & Events
Anytime, anywhere access to your calendar of events, classes and computer lab schedules
Social Icon
Social Tools
Help patrons stay up-to-date with your library’s latest news via your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blog posts.
More Icon
And more…
And many more features that are described in detail under the benefits section. Check them now!

Deliver Library Services to More Patrons, More Often with a Library Mobile App

Learn More about Mobile Apps for Your Library from Boopsie!

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eContent Smart Prefix™ search Multilingual