Boopsie Launches Premium Patron Acquisition Services for State Library Systems

Wednesday, Mar 5

Boopsie’s Premium User Acquisition Services for state and library consortia helps public libraries acquire new patrons with highly demographically and behaviorally targeted custom user acquisition campaigns focused on library services available via their libraries’ mobile apps.


Example of Facebook Banners for the Washington State LibraryMarch 4, 2014 – Sunnyvale, CA – Boopsie, Inc., the leading mobile app platform for libraries, announced their newest program for state and library consortia, Premium User Acquisition Services. The new service offers marketing assistance to public libraries to help them acquire new patrons, and promote usage of their library’s services via their custom-branded library mobile app. This program, supported by Boopsie’s Silicon Valley Internet marketing and mobile app distribution teams will implement focused library app marketing campaigns using Boopsie Analytics(™) and a highly metrics driven approach to bring libraries new patrons. Boopsie’s team of SEO experts creates highly individual landing pages for each library, state/consortia specific articles, as well as custom Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns to drive library app downloads.

“Public Libraries have free eBooks, eAudioBooks and other digital services that rival those available on Amazon,” says Tony Medrano, Boopsie’s CEO. “State Library Systems are increasingly coming to Boopsie to help them deliver their services electronically to their communities. Many younger smartphone and tablet users do not know they can get free eBooks from their Public Library. Our mission is to help our libraries reach these potential new library users by marketing their libraries’ apps and focusing on reducing libraries’ cost-of-patron-acquisition by utilizing the latest mobile marketing technologies.”

Services available as part of this program include the creation of permanent, highly optimized individual library landing pages for each library in the state or consortia. These library app pages are made easily available via the Library Apps page on the Boopsie website. Boopsie’s in-house team builds each page utilizing sophisticated on-page SEO tools with geo-specific keywords to help ensure that these library app pages appear at the top of search engines results. For example, if you were to search for “Orcas Island Library App” on your preferred search engine, the individual library app page is listed as one of the top results. All individual library app pages feature a strong call to action button which links to the consortium’s app download page, as well as an overview of what each app contains. A series of articles, blog posts and press releases will also be created by Boopsie and distributed to various media outlets to drive traffic and to optimize SEO. Blog posts that profile the consortia libraries will have associated links to the library’s app page. The main consortium page offers links to each individual library’s app page as well. Libraries are also encouraged to use these links on their own websites to help draw new users.

Boopsie’s Design Team will also create custom creative mobile ads that will be used in custom demographically and geographically targeted Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns using proprietary Boopsie Analytics(™) data to reach mobile users most likely to be interested in library services on mobile devices, which is more cost effective than other forms of marketing. “This level of precision helps libraries under pressure to increase circulation, acquire more patrons all while their budgets are being tightened,” says Tony Medrano, Boopsie’s CEO.

With the Washington State Library, Boopsie has set up Facebook Ads that are targeted to audiences aged 13-65 who live only in the state of Washington and who like public libraries, eBooks and AudioBooks, among other specific demographic and behavioral attributes.

Since Washington State Library began using the Premium User Acquisition Services in January 2014, their usage stats have increased dramatically. In December, the state library app had 1,300 unique users. In January, that number rose to 4,075 unique users, representing a 213% increase in usage.

“It is exciting to get the word out that our public libraries are innovative and offer great digital services by encouraging Washington citizens to download the Library Now mobile app,” says Will Stuivenga, Cooperative Projects Manager for the Washington State Library. “Our communities need to know about mobile access to free library resources, and Boopsie has helped us manage the complex world of mobile app marketing, SEO and demographic targeting.”

About Boopsie
Boopsie, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006. We are the industry-leading mobile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for over 2,500 library locations worldwide. Our custom-branded native mobile apps for libraries are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and enable libraries of all types and sizes to quickly acquire new users and increase circulation. Boopsie’s library-branded mobile apps are fully hosted and maintained by our customer service organization. We build native mobile apps for libraries on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry platforms. Boopsie enables 24/7 remote library access via the user’s device of choice. Visit our website for more information about Boopsie’s mobile apps for libraries.