Boopsie Launches Complete Package of Free App Usage Analytics for Libraries

Monday, Sep 15

Boopsie Analytics, the Flurry for Library Mobile App Data, launches a complete package of free reports and easy-to-use dashboard with detailed library service usage statistics.


Sunnyvale, CA – September 16, 2014 – Boopsie, Inc., the leading mobile platform-as-a-service provider for libraries, launched their complete package of free reports from Boopsie Analytics(™) to all library customers. With Boopsie Analytics, libraries are able to track downloads, unique users, queries and channel visits made in their library-branded apps, all from a centralized web-based dashboard.

When Boopsie Analytics launched in May 2014, librarians were able to access daily and monthly reports that provided them insight into their app’s usage in the form of downloads and unique users. In August, Boopsie released additional data sets, which allowed librarians to access both query and main menu channel visit statistics.

Usage is tracked by assigning each device a unique identifier when the app is initially downloaded and launched. Boopsie Analytics then uses that unique identifier to track when the app is accessed and what parts of the app the user accesses.

The Downloads dashboard indicates how often a library’s app has been downloaded and activated by their library users over a given period of time. The reports provide tangible proof that mobile library app adoption is increasing. In the first quarter of the year, the number of apps downloaded per month has increased by 12.93% across all libraries that use the Boopsie platform.

The Unique Users reports provide librarians with the ability to see how many patrons are accessing their app on a given day or month. The report tracks the usage through the unique identifier; if a patron accesses the library’s app 3 times in one day, it is still only counted as one unique user. The same applies for the monthly statistics; if 10 unique users access a library app in May, there will only be 10 unique users counted in the report, regardless of how many times they access the library app in that month. Boopsie Analytics has shown that not only are the number of downloads increasing across all library apps, but the number of unique users accessing the app have increased by 23.14% as well.

“Our app usage has greatly increased over the last year,” says Steve Heser, Library Systems Administrator at Milwaukee County Federated Library System. “Last September there were 5,520 unique users accessing our app and this August we’ve increased that number to 8,721 app users. We love Boopsie!”

Queries refer to any time a library app user performs an action on the Boopsie platform, for instance a click or a keystroke, that requests information from that library’s various holdings or databases. These query reports help identify how much the app is being used.

The Main Menu Channel Visits report tracks when an app user taps on one of the channels on the Main Menu of the library app, such as BookLook, Search the Catalog, My Account or Library Events. The Main Menu Channel Visits report helps librarians learn what channels their patrons are visiting in a set period of time.

“Boopsie Analytics was built to give libraries, vendors and publishers insight into what library services are being used,” says Boopsie’s CEO, Tony Medrano. “Premium subscribers will soon also be able to track eContent checkouts. This will be a huge benefit for libraries in that it will allow them to better allocate funds for their collection development.”

Boopsie will also be launching an “ILS Quality Score” service. The “ILS Quality Score” will be based on quantitative performance metrics that the company monitors via their integrations with all major ILSs through their “AccessILS technology“.

“Hiring a consultant to research different ILS providers can be expensive,” says Diane Cowen, Virtual Services Librarian at Santa Cruz Public Libraries. “An objective service like the ‘ILS Quality Score’ would be a great resource for libraries that are evaluating different ILS providers.”

On September 17th, Boopsie’s Director of Account Management, Bryan Murray, will be hosting a webinar for library-customers that provides unique ideas for effective promotion of their apps. Boopsie has found that effective promotion of library apps provides a 300% increase in the average number of monthly unique users.

About Boopsie

Boopsie is the industry-leading mobile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for over 2,500 library locations worldwide. Boopsie’s library-branded mobile apps for libraries are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and enable libraries of all types and sizes to quickly acquire new users and increase circulation. Our mobile apps are fully hosted and maintained by our customer service organization. We build native mobile apps for libraries on Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle Fire platforms. Boopsie enables 24/7 remote library access via the user’s device of choice. Boopsie also sells subscription services of a digital catalog of comics and graphic novels provided by Comics Plus: Library Edition. Visit our website for more information about Boopsie’s mobile apps for libraries.