Belleville Library enters high-tech age

Thursday, Jul 24

“A lot of this stuff is already available but at a cost for users,” he said. “With your Belleville Public Library card there is no cost except for the materials used.”



The most visible sign of change at the Belleville Public Library is the brick work going on outside, but inside, the library is making a giant leap into the technology of the 21st Century.

“It’s a lot more than just tuck pointing the building,” said Leander Spearman, library director.

It’s also physical restructuring inside both the main building at 121 East Washington St. and the west branch at 3414 W. Main St.

But more importantly, it’s the addition of a lot of technology services, including a 3-D printer, to make the library relevant to technological generations.

“A lot of libraries are talking about it, but we’re the first to do it,” Spearman said.

The library will add what they call a “Maker Space.” That will include a 3-D printer and scanner, digital conversion equipment and software to convert VHS tapes and LPs to digital media, a high-speed photo scanner and a green screen so budding entrepreneurs can produce their own marketing campaigns, he said.

Other new pieces inside include new public computers with the ability to print from your personal laptop or tablet and applications for mobile devices that will work on Android, Apple and Blackberry devices.

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