Boopsie for K-12 Libraries

  • Give your students 24/7 access on any mobile device!
  • Increase your library's circulation
  • Remain relevant to your student body
  • Easy-to-use, maintain, and affordable
  • 4,000+ libraries globally use Boopsie

Custom Branded Native Apps from Boopsie

Provide Your Students with One-Click Access to All of Your School's Content and Resources. It’s Easy!

Children today are using their mobile devices for more and more of their daily lives. Offering them a state-wide mobile app will enable you to help educate them while they are on their tablets and smart phones. Set up calendars that manage homework schedules for your students, deliver them language education and free eBooks and eAudioBooks.

Boopsie not only integrates with every major ILS provider, we also integrate with every major eContent provider as well, including OverDrive, Recorded Books, 3M Cloud Library, and Axis 360. These integrations offer a user experience that children understand. 80% of American's time on mobile devices is spent in apps.

Boopsie and Credo have partnered up to deliver a world class mobile research experience for your students. Simplify students’ research experience by providing mobile-friendly access to full-text reference books from the world’s best publishers. Now you can offer Literati, your library collections, and social media in an affordable and easy to maintain seamless mobile experience.

“The library as a warehouse of information is an outdated concept. The library of the 21st century is a community workshop, a hub filled with the tools of the knowledge economy.” It still has books, “but it also has 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, and spaces for conducting business meetings. It offers computer coding classes. It has advanced video- and audio-production software”—all things that an individual might find too expensive.”- Brian Resnick, National Journal

Features List

Features Included in App for K-12 Libraries

Search Icon
Catalog Search
Provide patrons with real-time access to your library’s collection via their smartphones and tablets.
Location Icon
Library Locator
GPS-aware technology shares branch locations, hours of operation and contact information.
Book Icon
Additional eContent Integration
Deliver eBook, eAudioBook and video content to your patrons and students via a Boopsie Native Mobile App.
Star Icon
Star Partners
Deliver one-click access to OverDrive, OneClickdigital, Literati and more...
ILS Icon
ILS Integration
Gives patrons the ability to manage their accounts including placing holds and renewals
Comments Icon
Ask a Librarian
With direct connection to reference services via text, email or phone, your patrons can reach you from any location
Calendar Icon
Calendar & Events
Anytime, anywhere access to your calendar of events, classes and computer lab schedules
Social Icon
Social Tools
Help patrons stay up-to-date with your library’s latest news via your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blog posts.
More Icon
And more…
And many more features that are described in detail under the benefits section. Check them now!

App use is growing at 119% a year, while browser use is growing at only 13%

Mendik Library New York Law School Multnomah County Library
“Boopsie was very responsive to our needs and delivered what we needed to serve our students.”
Grace Lee<br><em>Emerging Technologies Librarian<br>The Mendik Library<br>New York Law School</em>
Grace Lee
Emerging Technologies Librarian
The Mendik Library
New York Law School
“We hold a deep commitment to being responsive to the communities we serve. Our ‘We Speak Your Language’ approach provides information and resources to community members in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Boopsie has been a fantastic partner for us to enable this service.”
Jeremy Graybill
Jeremy Graybill
Marketing and Communications Director

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