Boopsie Analytics

Boopsie Analytics Overview

Boopsie provides powerful back-end analytics to help library-customers track statistics about use of their library’s app.

Currently, Boopsie Analytics tracks:

• Downloads and unique users
• Daily and monthly queries
• Queries by device type
• Channel visits

Boopsie customers can view their dashboard anytime through the customer portal. Click on the images below for enlarged screenshots of the Boopsie dashboard.

Boopsie Analytics Dashboard - Daily Unique Users Report Boopsie Analytics Dashboard - Main Menu Channel Visits Report Boopsie Analytics Dashboard - Monthly Downloads Report Boopsie Analytics Dashboard - Monthly Queries Report

Our charts and tables allow for quick visualization of data trends over time, and our custom date range selector allows you to choose a date range for analysis. The reports can easily be imported into MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

The Benefits:

• Resource allocation by making informed purchasing decisions
• Gauge success by tracking usage
• Patron acquisition
• See “big picture” mobile usage in your community
• Patron engagement, including infrequent users
• Provide a better experience to their patrons

Library mobile trends uncovered by Boopsie Analytics:

• Mobile library app adoption is increasing: in Q1 2014, the number of apps downloaded per month has increased by 12.93% across all libraries using Boopsie’s platform, bringing the average monthly downloads to over 300 new app downloads per library.
• As compared to Q2 2013, in Q2 2014, the average number of monthly unique users increased by 23.14% across all libraries using Boopsie and the average number of queries made by library users increased by 26.44% over the same time period.
• Most large and mid-sized public libraries serve their patrons through Boopsie at less than $0.10 per month, especially relevant because delivering digital services increases circulation without use of physical library resources like personnel, facilities and other costs related to in-library services.
• iOS users tend to be more avid readers and users of free public library services.
Device usage: while Apple devices still retain the majority of the market share of library apps, iOS increased 15% over the last year; Android increased their market share by 22.54%, while newcomer Windows 8, increased their market share by 74.15%. Blackberry (RIM) lost 234% of users over the same period.

Click here to log in to your Boopsie Analytics Dashboard.


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