BookLetters offers a variety of marketing tools, including widgets, newsletters, book lists, and events to help librarians maximize engagement with their community. The platform allows multiple users to easily create and share custom content directly with library patrons.

About the Integration with Boopsie

Integrating BookLetters with Your Library App from Boopsie will enable all of the content (newsletters, events, books lists, etc.) to be pulled directly into Your App and updated automatically as you make changes.

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“The library as a warehouse of information is an outdated concept. The library of the 21st century is a community workshop, a hub filled with the tools of the knowledge economy.” It still has books, “but it also has 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, and spaces for conducting business meetings. It offers computer coding classes. It has advanced video- and audio-production software”—all things that an individual might find too expensive.”- Brian Resnick, National Journal

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