We are thrilled to partner with Boopsie,” said Mike Sweet, Credo’s CEO. “Together, we can provide broader access to Credo’s trusted content, and help libraries better utilize their limited resources by delivering Credo services through Boopsie’s easy-to-use, library-branded native mobile apps.

Credo’s 2013 CODIE award-winning solution enables learners to hone their information skills through a combination of authoritative content, innovative technologies and customizable services at the point of need. Literati’s deliberate process for content selection involves Credo staff curators and acquisition experts reviewing hundreds, but choosing only the best subject encyclopedias, biographies, chronologies, handbooks, atlases, dictionaries and other reference works to be featured on the platform. The Credo team will work closely with you to develop a solution specifically for your library, based on your unique needs.

About the Integration with Boopsie

Boopsie has partnered with Credo to offer a deep app-to-app integration, allowing patrons and students to engage with the Literati mobile site directly from Your Library App in an embedded browser, so that they have access to the wealth of research tools that Literati offers without ever having to leave your app.

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“Library App users who use Boopsie’s Smart Prefix™ search functionality perform 2.4x more searches than Library App users who use traditional keyword search.”- Boopsie, 2013
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