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BYOD PoliciesQ. Why Does My Corporate Library Need to Support Mobile?
A. Mobile devices are everywhere and are an integral part of everyday life. As mobile device adoption tops 90% globally, your Corporate Library needs to be ready for the shift that’s already underway. Socialized by the simplicity of apps courtesy of Apple, your end-users will expect access to your library’s content on their mobile device.

Enterprise tablet adoption is estimated to grow at 50% per year (Vertic)
• 70% of businesses will have tablets in their IT organization in 2013 (Spiceworks)
• Mobile users spend over 5x as much time in Native Mobile Apps vs. web browsers (Flurry)


Q. How Can My Corporate Library Increase the Value of Our Resources?
A. You can increase the value of your resources by making your content accessible in a format your end-users use on a daily basis: their smartphones and tablets. Having a Native Mobile App will increase:

• User engagement across your organization
• ROI on the databases & services you’ve already purchased
• Your reach and influence within your company


Q. How Do I Support all of the Devices My Company’s Employees Use?
A. We work closely with all of the major mobile providers to stay up-to-the-minute with their technologies. Whether your end-users are running on iOS, Android, Win8 or any other mobile device – phones & tablets – we can support with them. That means if your company uses a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy – your app will work with every mobile device your end-users decide to use.


Q. Why Does My Corporate Library Need a Native Mobile App?
A. A dedicated Native Mobile App is capable of utilizing all of the functionality within a mobile devices’ operating system. Thanks to the success of the iOS & Android platforms, users have been socialized to expect an app-like experience whenever they use their devices.

• 68% of companies are supporting BYOD policies (InformationWeek)
• 80% of time spent on iOS/Android devices is in apps vs. web browser (Flurry)

Because of these trends, corporate librarians are being pressured to provide an app experience for their users.

Your Corporate Mobile App on the Go!


Q. What Benefits Does Boopsie Provide My Corporate Library?
A. Boopsie provides improved search results through powerful search tools, user-level reporting and customizable experience for different audiences. When performing a search in your Corporate Library Mobile App, Boopsie provides a federated search. Additionally, our Smart Prefix™ search allows your users to find more by typing less; search results begin to populate as you type. Our User-Level reporting allows you to better understand the information needs of your organization, right down to the individuals. By providing customized experiences for different audiences, you can improve the information workflow for your users by pointing them to only the most relevant content for their needs.


Q. How Can a Native Mobile App Improve My Company’s Bottom Line?
A. Corporate libraries share a common goal – to disseminate information to their user base in the most cost-effective & user-friendly format possible. Research suggests that professionals spend upwards of 40% of their time searching for information (IBM). Using a $60,000 salary, that’s $24,000 a year spent on searching alone. Imagine how quickly that cost balloons as you account for all of your employees and then imagine what even a 10% improvement would bring to your company’s bottom-line.

Meet your end-users where they are while enabling them to make the most-informed decisions possible. Deliver even more value to your company by driving innovation with better-informed employees.


Q. I’m Not Tech-Savvy and I Don’t Have Library IT resources, is Boopsie Still an Option for My Company?
A. Boopsie is not only incredibly intuitive and easy to use, it’s even easier to get started and maintain. We simplified the process of building & maintaining an app with our platform. In fact, it typically requires less than a day for our customers to launch their app!

Summary of the Boopsie launch process:

1. Library provides test accounts, catalog extract, creates an Apple Developer account and provides promotional text (don’t worry – we have templates for that).
2.Boopsie builds v1.0 of the app.
3.Library reviews the app & provides any feedback.
4.App is submitted for final approval and launch.
5.Your Company’s Library App is Live!

We have a stellar customer support team that can walk you through every step of the process. Whether or not you have a technical staff to assist you, not to worry, we can still build you a fully-functional, branded app that will put the wealth of content you provide through your library directly into the hands of your end-users.


Q. Can I Add/Delete/Modify Content on My Company’s Library App Once It’s Live?
You Can Make Changes to Your Corporate Mobile App Whenever You Need To!A. Absolutely! One of the additional benefits to working with Boopsie for Libraries is that once your app is launched, many changes can be made without having to resubmit your app for approval.

Most Common Change Requests:

• Adding/removing a database from your company’s holdings.
• Changing the content for a specific user-group (e.g. department, project).

You have the added benefit of knowing that any and all updates will get to all of your company’s mobile devices. This support comes with your company’s app – just let us know what you’d like and we’ll make the changes.


Q. My Corporate Library Serves an International Company. How Can I Best Serve Our Global Enterprise With a Mobile App?
A. The best way is to engage your employees is in their native language. The Boopsie platform is built to quickly and easily offer multiple languages for your organization. We support Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and any language your users need!

“We hold a deep commitment to being responsive to the communities we serve. Our ‘We Speak Your Language’ approach provides information and resources to community members in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Boopsie has been a fantastic partner for us to enable this service,”Jeremy Graybill, Marketing and Communications Director at Multnomah County, Oregon Library, the second busiest library in the US.

However many different languages there are spoken in your company, Boopsie for Libraries can make sure you aren’t leaving anyone out!



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