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Q. Why does my Law Firm need a mobile app?

A. Mobile devices are everywhere and are an integral part of everyday life. Law Firms are not keeping up with employees’ expectations for access to information, and employees are wasting valuable time navigating firm resources. Boopsie aggregates all of your resources into one easy-to-use app. Over 91% of attorneys use a smartphone and nearly 500,000 attorneys were using iPads in 2013- your Law Firm needs to adapt to the current technology landscape and deliver content in a way that optimizes the mobile devices they are using. Socialized by the simplicity of apps, attorneys expect access to your firm’s content on their mobile devices in a similar way they access other information on their devices.

• There was a 62% increase in Law Firm apps in 2013
• Mobile users spend over 5x as much time in Native Mobile Apps vs. web browsers (Flurry)
• BYOD policies at Law Firms are increasing dramatically

Q. How can my Law Firm increase the value of our resources?

A. You can increase the value of your resources by aggregating your resources, and making your content accessible in an easy-to-navigate format that reaches attorneys on their mobile devices. Having a Native Mobile App will increase:

• Employee productivity
• ROI of already-paid-for subscriptions
• Gives ability to track usage via Boopsie Analytics

Q. How do I support all of the mobile devices my attorneys use?

A. We work closely with all of the major mobile providers to stay up-to-the-minute with any technology updates or changes. Whether your employees are running iOS, Android or Win8, we can support them. That means if your company uses a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy – your app will work with every mobile device your end-users decide to use.
Q. Why does my Law Firm need a native mobile app?

A. A dedicated Native Mobile App is capable of utilizing all of the functionality within your mobile devices. The best user experience on a mobile device is derived from apps- they are intuitive and easy-to-use. Mobile device users expect an app-like experience whenever they use their devices.

• The majority of Law Firms support BYOD policies
• 86% of users’ mobile device time is spent in apps vs. web browser (Flurry)

Q. What benefits does Boopsie provide my Law Firm?

Boopsie provides many benefits it its Law Firm customers, including an increase employee productivity and efficiency, a better ROI for content subscriptions, a valuable recruitment and onboarding tool, the ability to reach users on all devices in a way that they will actually utilize, unclog employee email inboxes with information blasts as employees will know where to go to stay in the loop with updates, no burden on your firm’s IT department, and a way to be innovative in legal community.
Q. What are the benefits of the Boopsie platform?

A. Boopsie provides improved search results through powerful search tools, user-level reporting and the option to customize the experience for different practice groups. When performing a search in your Law Firm’s Mobile App, Boopsie provides a federated search. Additionally, our Smart Prefix™ search allows your attorneys to find more by typing less as search results begin to populate as you type. Our User-Level reporting allows you to better understand the information needs of your firm, right down to the individuals. By providing customized experiences for different practice groups, you can improve the information workflow for your attorneys by pointing them to only the most relevant content for their needs. Our apps are developed to fully function across all operating systems. 100% of our R&D efforts are dedicated to information access, specifically looking to improve the users’ research experience and engagement with content.
Q. My firm does not have the IT resources to support an app. Is a Law Firm app still right for me?

A. Boopsie apps are not only incredibly intuitive and easy to use, they are even easier to get started and maintain. We simplified the process of building and maintaining an app with our platform.

Summary of the Boopsie Law Firm app launch process:

• Define- customize scope
• Design- build app frame
• Implementation- build out app
• Verification- QA testing
• Launch- launch app
• Maintenance- ongoing support

We have a stellar customer support team that will walk you through every step of the process.Regardless if you have technical staff to assist you, we still build you a fully-functional, Law Firm branded app that will put the wealth of content you provide directly into the hands of your employees.
Q. Can I add/delete/modify content on my Law Firm’s app once it’s live?

A. Absolutely! One of the additional benefits to working with Boopsie is that once your app is launched, changes can be made without having to resubmit your app for approval. We are completely flexible and do not limit the amount of changes you can make.

Most Common Change Requests:

• Adding or removing a database from your Law Firm’s holdings
• Incorporating new features and functionality

You have the added benefit of knowing that any and all updates will get to all of your employees’ mobile devices. This support comes with your firm’s app.
Q. My Law Firm has offices internationally. How can we best serve our international attorneys?

A. The best way is to engage your employees is in their native language. The Boopsie platform offers multilingual functionality, which allows users to switch to the language they are most comfortable researching in. We support Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, and any other language your users need!
Q. How does pricing work?

A. Each Law Firm is unique in its technology initiatives and needs. We develop custom proposals that consider the breadth of your Law Firm’s resource portfolio, amount of users, desired functionality, among other considerations.


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