Boopsie’s Free Marketing Assistance for Libraries Drives Dramatic Growth in Library Use

Friday, Aug 29

New analytics data aggregated from hundreds of library systems utilizing Boopsie’s mobile platform shows how a few simple Internet marketing tactics drive the use of library services.


Sunnyvale, CA – August 29, 2014 – Boopsie Analytics™ for libraries provides valuable insight into library app usage for all libraries using Boopsie’s mobile platform to deliver library services to their patrons and students. Boopsie discovered that libraries that actively market their apps on their website receive an average of 3 times more monthly app users than libraries who relied on in-library promotions, such as flyers, bookmarks, and handouts.

Libraries that use Boopsie's marketing services receive three times more unique users per month.
Boopsie Analytics enables libraries to track daily and monthly usage statistics to help visualize data trends over time. Libraries have access to several dashboards, including daily and monthly unique users, downloads and channel visits reports.

Boopsie compared app usage in similarly-sized libraries that used different methods to promote their apps. After performing extensive research, they found that libraries who do not use website marketing receive only 500 unique users per month. The libraries who utilize both online and in-library marketing techniques average around 1,500 unique users per month.

The library that uses Boopsie's marketing service can reach 3.3% of their card holders, as compared to only .24% of their cardholders.
A large library located in the Southwest serves a population of around 1.3 million, with 810,000 registered card holders. They rely on in-library marketing to promote their app and have an average of 1,978 unique users accessing their app each month. That’s only .24% of their registered card holders! On the other hand, a library in the Midwest, that serves a slightly smaller population, received an average of 26,504 unique users per month. Around 3.3% out of 805,000 card holders access their library’s mobile app, simply by prominently marketing their app on their website.

The same trend applies for libraries that serve smaller populations. Two libraries in the Gulf region serve a population of roughly 100,000 residents each. There are three times more unique users per month when a library utilizes internet marketing techniques!

“Marketing their library app is simple with our free marketing materials,” says Boopsie’s Director of Account Management, Bryan Murray. “By promoting their app on their website, be it on their homepage or their electronic resources page, libraries can easily engage patrons who are already looking for a technology-based way of accessing their library’s services.”

Earlier in the year, Boopsie announced that, on average, public libraries deliver their digital services through their Boopsie app to patrons at less than a dollar per patron per year. The cost of an app decreases as more patrons access the app, which makes using simple Internet marketing techniques much more valuable.

Boopsie provides free marketing materials, tools and complimentary webinars as a guide for libraries to market their apps.

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