Library Branded Apps from Boopsie Deliver Record Downloads in Q1 2014

Monday, May 12

In Q1 2014, Boopsie has not only seen an increase in the number of libraries using its Platform-as-a-Service over the previous quarter, but the number of users downloading their library-branded apps is increasing at a record pace as well.


Sunnyvale, CA – May 8, 2014 – Boopsie Inc., the leading mobile app platform for libraries, released additional stats in a follow-up to their Q1 report on growth of their library branded mobile apps. Not only are more libraries adopting mobile apps for their libraries, but more library patrons are taking advantage of mobile access to their libraries. The number of apps downloaded per month has increased by 12.93% across all libraries using Boopsie’s platform, bringing the average monthly downloads to over 300 new app downloads per library.

“Americans spend 86% of their mobile time–almost 2/12 hours per day–in mobile apps and libraries are increasingly conscious of the need to promote their brand in their community via innovative mobile marketing campaigns,” says Boopsie CEO Tony Medrano. “Boopsie is dedicating more resources to help libraries market their apps – and we are delivering new patrons to our libraries at a cost of roughly $1 per patron. Our Library Account Managers offer weekly webinars that provide marketing best practices and materials to libraries that they can easily repurpose to inexpensively market their apps online.”

Washington State Library has seen a tremendous increase in app downloads over last year. After enrolling in Boopsie’s Premium Library Patron Acquisition Services in January, their average number of downloads per month had increased by 479.8%. Boopsie has expanded this program to include library systems that serve populations over 1M.

App Downloads by Library

Using Boopsie Analytics™, the Analytics team spotted similar trends among several other libraries that were leveraging Boopsie’s free marketing programs. For instance, the University of Auckland’s library-branded app was downloaded 318% more times in Q1 2014 than in the previous quarter. The large increase in app downloads can be attributed to their marketing of their mobile app on their library website.

San Diego Public Library, which launched their app in January 2014, has seen a 55X increase in downloads since launch. The substantial increase in app downloads is likely due to the low-cost and high-quality marketing campaigns used by the library, which included email newsletter announcements and website promotion.

“These increases in the number of app downloads show that libraries can inexpensively acquire new patrons for their libraries by extending their traditional community outreach efforts to include a focus on simple Internet marketing techniques,” says Bryan Murray, Boopsie’s Account Management Director. “That is why we focus on providing our libraries with easy tools to quickly increase the number of app downloads. It’s as simple as hanging flyers up in your library, adding a link to your webpage, and just mentioning your new library-branded mobile app in your monthly newsletter.”


About Boopsie

Boopsie, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2006. We are the industry-leading mobile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for over 2,500 library locations worldwide. Boopsie’s library-branded mobile apps for libraries are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and enable libraries of all types and sizes to quickly acquire new users and increase circulation. Our mobile apps are fully hosted and maintained by our customer service organization. We build native mobile apps for libraries on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry platforms. Boopsie enables 24/7 remote library access via the user’s device of choice. Visit our website for more information about Boopsie’s mobile apps for libraries.