Library-Branded Mobile Apps from Boopsie Deliver Library Services to Users for Less than $1/year

Friday, May 30

A recent study of costs related to patron acquisition and use of public library services done by Boopsie Analytics™ highlights an incredibly cost-effective way some libraries are delivering their services to their communities.


Sunnyvale, CA – May 30, 2014 – Boopsie Inc., the leading platform-as-a-service provider for libraries, released a study on the costs of delivering library services using proprietary Boopsie Analytics™ data. The study concluded that use of library-branded mobile apps from Boopsie enabled public libraries to deliver library services to users for less than one dollar per year, significantly less than other methods of library services and book delivery practices. This is especially relevant because delivering digital services increases circulation without use of physical library resources like personnel, facilities and other costs related to in-library services.

In this study, the Boopsie’s Analytics Team looked at a dozen libraries of varying sizes, comparing their cost of using Boopsie’s mobile app platform to the number of unique patrons using library services via a library-branded mobile app.

The results were mind-boggling and underscored the need for libraries looking to cost-effectively serve patrons and acquire more patrons to “go mobile” to deliver services instead of using more traditional and costly methods of service delivery and outreach.

A large Mid-Western library with a population-served of over million, delivers library services via its Boopsie app at approximately $0.06 per library app user per month.

“Boopsie enables us to deliver our services to patrons at six cents per patron, per month. Our mobile app has become our most cost-effective community outreach tool,” says the library’s Director.

Even for small libraries the cost of delivering library services to their communities via Boopsie is staggeringly low. A library in the Great Lakes region serving a population of 120,000 spends only $0.61 per library app user a month to reach their patrons’ smartphones and tablets.

“Libraries are increasingly under tight budgets. Our library’s app from Boopsie enables us to reach our community in cost effective ways we never thought possible. Delivering our services to patrons on mobile devices not only makes patrons happy, it drives circulation and is easier on our library staff.”

A library in the Pacific Northwest serves a population of over half a million patrons with their mobile app from Boopsie. It costs them $0.09 a month per patron using their mobile app to do so.

“Most large and mid-sized public libraries serve their patrons through Boopsie at less than $0.10 per month,” says Tony Medrano, Boopsie’s CEO. “We are proud to help libraries and local governments get the most out of their limited budgets and reach the most members of their communities with their great content and services.”

The typical cost per patron to maintain a library usually ranges from $50-100 per patron per year; which is 50-100x times greater than the cost of serving patrons through Boopsie’s mobile apps. Clearly, by leveraging more cost-effective methods of delivering information and services to their community, libraries can stretch their library budgets to better serve their communities.


About Boopsie

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