Mobile Library Modernization Program Launched by Boopsie for Libraries

Tuesday, Dec 10

With budget cuts threatening the existence of Mobile Libraries that deliver books to patrons, Boopsie offers to help libraries modernize mobile delivery of their services via use of its mobile apps instead of costly vehicles.


Sunnyvale, CA — December 10, 2013 — Traditional Mobile Libraries provide services for those who are unable to access library services due to disabilities, age and illness. Some Mobile Libraries often visit pre-schools, child care centers, and nursing homes. Unfortunately, recent budget cuts are forcing many Mobile Libraries to end “vehicle-enabled” library delivery services.

Boopsie for Libraries, the worldwide leader in helping libraries deliver their catalog and non-catalog services to library patrons, announced its “Mobile Library Modernization Program” which will provide a 25% discount to any library in need of transitioning from mobile vehicle-enabled delivery of its services, to mobile application delivery of its services.

“We love helping libraries deliver their services to patrons,” says Tony Medrano, Boopsie’s CEO. “Our technology makes it easy and inexpensive for mobile libraries to modernize and continue to serve disadvantaged members of their communities.”

Several counties in England—including Derbyshire and Devon—are being forced to make budget cuts that are affecting their traditional mobile libraries. The Derbyshire County Council is being forced to cut its budget by $256 million over the next five years, which could include the stripping of funding of their Mobile Libraries. Their fleet of ten vehicles account for 17% of total library usage and 7% of library visits.

Libraries in the US have also recently lost their Mobile Libraries; the Des Plaines Public Library in Illinois was forced to cut their mobile library service in 2012. The bookmobile had been running for 43 years until budget costs forced the closing in 2012. The following April, Des Plaines Library launched their Mobile App “Des Plaines Public Library”. They now serve over 2,000 patrons per month with more services—at a lower cost—via a mobile app from Boopsie.

“Going mobile with apps enables libraries to reach 10x as many library users at approximately 1/100 of the cost per user,” adds Medrano. “Mobile apps that deliver library services help local municipalities better serve their communities.”

Tablet use is growing the fastest among those over 65 and under twelve years of age, and downloading an eBook from a public library is free.

Boopsie Provides Mobile Libraries Across All PlatformsIn order to help communities more cost effectively serve their disabled, elderly and younger members during the Winter months, Boopsie is offering a 25% discount to any library with a mobile library vehicle program. To qualify, libraries or municipalities need only begin work with Boopsie before March 31st, 2014. The discount will stay in effect for the life of their contract.

For more information about the Boopsie Mobile Library Modernization Program, contact Boopsie’s CEO directly at tony (at)

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