May Newsletter – Public Library Edition

Client Newsletter • May 2014


hoopla digital
hoopla digitalBoopsie is proud to announce an upcoming partnership with hoopla digital! hoopla provides libraries with access to audio and video content, that can either be instantly streamed or temporarily downloaded to your patrons’ smartphones, tablets or computers.
hoopla is an app-to-app integration, which means you can access the hoopla app from your library’s app. If you already have the app downloaded, your Boopsie app will automatically launch the hoopla app; if you haven’t downloaded the hoopla app, you will directed to the appropriate app in your app store. Once you access the hoopla app, just log in with your hoopla credentials to access thousands of TV shows, movies, full music albums and even eAudioBooks!
As of May 13th, a live beta test can be used by patrons of St. Charles Public Library, Arapahoe Library District and Darien Library.
If you would like to add hoopla digital to your library’s app, please contact Boopsie.

ProQuest eLibrary
ProQuest eLibraryAnother new integration coming soon is with ProQuest’s eLibrary. eLibrary provides your patrons with access to full-text magazines, newspaper articles, books, photographs and maps.
With the new integration, Boopsie launches to the eLibrary webpage, which allows your patrons to log in and search your eLibrary accounts while on the go. The eLibrary site was recently enhanced to display properly across all screens.
If you would like to add eLibrary to your library’s app, please contact Boopsie.

Virtual Library Cards
Virtual Library CardsHave you ever gone shopping and found that you forgot your membership card at home? Or has there ever been a time that you left your library card at home? Your library can save the day by adding virtual library cards to your Boopsie library app!
If you are interested in adding virtual library cards to your library app, contact your Account Manager, Bryan (for Public Libraries) or Megan (for Academic libraries), for more information.


Boopsie’s on the Go!
Boopsie's On the Go!This month has been a blast! We’ve provided apps for the Ex Libris Users of North America Annual Meeting (ELUNA 2014), Massachusetts Library Association Conference (Masslib 2014) and we’re working on the app for the 69th National Conference and Trade Show for the Canadian Library Association.
June is looking to be just as exciting! The next conference we’re attending will be the Special Libraries Association 2014 Annual Conference, which will be hosted in Vancouver from June 8th – 10th. If you’re attending, stop by booth 810 to chat with Jane and Christopher. Right after SLA, Megan and Tony will be attending the Empire Collaborations conference on the University of Albany (NY) campus from June 9th – 13th. The final June event will be the American Libraries Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas from June 26th – July 1st. If you’re planning on attending ALA 2014, you can visit Tony, Bryan and Jane at booth 2032.

Hour of Code
Codecademy's Hour of Code AppCodecademy, CSEdWeek and joined forces to create the Hour of Code app; a curriculum that helps engage students and teaches them programming basics. Codecademy is working towards rethinking education from the bottom up, and taking cues from social media to engage students.
The app is educational, but more importantly for students, fun! Boopsie is working on a partnership with Codecamedy and we are offering a free integration between your library app and Hour of Code app.
Interested? Great! To receive more information, contact your Account Manager, Bryan (for Public Libraries) or Megan (for Academic libraries), for more information!

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