September Newsletter

Client Newsletter • September 2013


Browse eBooks and AudioBooks WITHIN Your Boopsie App!
This month, we launched two new “app-to-app deep linking” integrations, one with Recorded Books (OneClickdigital) and the other with 3M Cloud Library. In both cases, now patrons and students have the ability to browse your OneClickdigital and 3M Cloud Library catalogs without ever leaving Your Library App! When they want to download a particular title, they are delivered directly into the third-party app for download and consumption (i.e. reading an eBook or listing to an AudioBook). This is one of the many ways that we make it easier for your patrons to access to ALL of your catalogs, resources, and services. This increases their use of services you have already bought for them!

OneClickdigital by Recorded BooksCheck out how awesome it is to listen to an eAudioBook from OCd with Cincinnati Public Library’s App!
3M Cloud LibraryBe amazed at how quickly you can find and download an eBook from Fountaindale Public Library’s App!

Case Study: OneClickdigital eAudioBooks – Before & After App-to-App Integrations
massive growth in eContent consumptionCincinnati Public saw 38% growth in their OCd downloads in their first month after Boopsie’s integration. Why? Because integration (not just a link) makes it EASY for patrons. Want to add 3MCL or OCd to Your Library App?
Contact our Account Manager.

Marketing Tip of the Month: You MUST Promote Your App on Your Homepage!banner ad to promote your library's app
Prominent promotion of your App on the homepage of your Library’s website is one of the most important things you can do to get patrons using Your Library App. Here are the steps to success:

  1. Place the promotion “above the fold” (towards the top of the page) so that patrons don’t have to scroll down the page to find the link.
  2. Use one of our 12 NEW, pre-made banners that will fit most website designs.
  3. Link the banner or button on your homepage to your so patrons on a mobile device will go directly to the appropriate app store and automatically download the app to their phone or tablet.
  4. Success = 5X more patrons using Your App!

Case Study: The Benefits of Promoting Your App on Your Homepage
We took a look at monthly app usage for two different Public Library Apps, from two large west coast cities with similar populations and comparable web traffic.
The library promoting Their App ON their homepage acquired 48,000 app users last month
The library that does not promote Their App acquired only 9,000 app users last month
Though the first library could still better promote Their App, the simple actions mentioned above resulted in a 5X INCREASE in the number of app users over the same period of time with the same number of website visitors. Want 5X more patrons using Your App? Contact our Account Manager now for FREE help promoting Your App to your patrons today!

New App Feature: Remember Me!
screenshot of Remember Me functionalityAre your patrons tired of entering in their 14 digit library card number and pin every time they use your mobile app? We were too, so we created our “Remember Me!” feature. Now it’s your patron’s choice – they can enter their ID one time, click “Remember Login” – and they never have to enter it again. We use mobile browser cookies for this, so your patrons’ info is still 100% private and secure. “Remember Me!” should already be available and rolled out for Your App, but if it’s not, notify us immediately so we can turn it on for you!

Grants & Subsidies: 9 Libraries in Texas got their Apps Funded for them!Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Did you know that many states are now offering subsidies and grants to libraries for mobile technology? The State of Texas recently rolled out a program, “To ensure that member libraries have a mobile presence useful to, and used by, their customers.” 9 Texas libraries have already taken advantage of the opportunity. Additional programs like this can be incredibly helpful in pulling the funding together to launch and maintain Your Library App. Take a look at Boopsie’s Library Grant Page and “Subscribe to the Library Grant Feed” at the bottom of the page to get Library Grant Opportunities delivered to your Inbox!

Apple Launches New iOS 7 Today
Apple iOS 7 logoApple launched their new iOS 7 platform for mobile devices today, after announcing the release date for their newest version of the iPhone late last week. Boopsie has built a powerful platform – we handle making sure your app works through these upgrades so you don’t have to. We do not anticipate any problems with our mobile apps and iOS 7, but there is always a chance of unexpected issues arising with any major system software revision. We test our apps for compatibility on an ongoing basis and urge you to contact us immediately with problems, should they arise. As always, we’re committed to providing our clients with excellent service and support.

Boopsie’s Newest Team Member: Paul O’Leary
Boopsie continues to grow and recently added Paul O’Leary to its rock-star team. Paul is leading Boopsie’s Marketing and Product Development efforts, and brings with him 10+ years of digital marketing experience from Google, Yahoo, and eBay, along with a BA from Stanford and an MBA from USC. Paul is excited to start helping Boopsie’s libraries promote their apps to their communities and engage their patrons with library services on their phones and tablets. Learn more about Paul and contact him anytime!

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