Public Libraries Leverage Boopsie Mobile App to Reach Young Community Members

Tuesday, Nov 24

Platform-as-a-Service Streamlines Integration of Digital Comics and Graphic Novels, Increases Usage of Library Resources


Sunnyvale, CA – November 24, 2015 – Boopsie, Inc., the leading mobile platform-as-a-service provider for libraries worldwide, today reported the impressive effect that integration of its Digital Comics and Graphic Novels subscription can have on circulation and usage of the resources that are popular with readers of all ages.

The last 10 years have seen an explosion of mainstream recognition for comics as many popular movies have originated directly from comic books and graphic novels, including television shows with large followings like The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory, which centers around acceptance and praise of “geek culture.” In addition to being popular with a large age range of readers, graphic novels can be hard to keep on the shelf because of their fast consumption and turnover rate and their tendency to lose pages within just 20-40 circulations.

Boopsie’s digital catalog of Comics and Graphic Novels provided by Comics Plus: Library Edition addresses these issues, providing patrons with access to a catalog of over 10,000 graphic novels and comic books, instantly. Popular titles featured in the catalog include 28 Days Later that follows on from the events of the popular movie by the same title, The Last Temptation from much-lauded science fiction and fantasy author Neil Gaiman, Bob’s Burgers from the creator of the hit TV show by the same name and more.

Boopsie President Tony Medrano sees the collection as a key way to not only offer relevant titles to users, but to stay abreast of trends in how users are accessing information as well. “How are the 92% of teens who report going online daily — 24% of which say they go online ‘almost constantly’ — accessing the internet?” asks Medrano. “Via their mobile devices. Pew Internet Research Center’s Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015 reports that 91% of teens go online from mobile devices at least occasionally and 94% go online daily or more often, with those teens who don’t have mobile access to the internet going online less frequently than their mobile counterparts. Libraries will do well to cater to these audiences and their preferred method of access by offering resources that they’re interested in through their device of choice.”

“Since we added the Digital Comics and Graphic Novels subscription to our Boopsie mobile app, our patrons have enjoyed seeing this variety of options that they can choose from,” says Missi Felio, Webmaster for the Calcasieu Parish Public Library. “That’s with no extra marketing, no extra promotion — just simply integrating the desktop service into our mobile app. We started our partnership with Boopsie looking to increase usage and they’ve helped us to offer more opportunities for us to better engage our diverse audiences.”

For more information on how a Boopsie mobile app can help you engage your users, contact Team Boopsie.

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