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Q. When I do a catalog search in the app, it’s not bringing up some of our more recent titles. Why?
A. In order for your latest acquisitions to show up in our Smart Prefix™ search they will need to be added to your extract and that file sent to us. Once we have your file and it’s processed, your patrons will be able to search on your newest titles.

Q. Our patrons can’t download our app from the Apple App Store anymore. They are getting the error “The item you tried to buy is no longer available”. Why?
Patrons Can't Purchase Your App From the App Store?A. In order for your app to be available in the store, you will need to renew your Apple Developer account each year. To check your account, go to Log in by selecting “Member Center” on the upper right corner of the page. Please make sure you have paid your annual fee. Once you pay and re-activate your account, your patrons will be able to download your app.

Q. We are changing ILS vendors. Do I need to let you know?
A. Yes. As soon as you know you are changing ILS vendors, please contact us at help (at) Let us know the time frame for the change over. Also, as the date approaches, we will want to coordinate schedules so the transition has minimal impact to your patrons.

Q. Can I get my stats more than once a month?
A. We have recently introduced our Boopsie App Control Panel where you can log in and view Your Library App Stats whenever you need. If you haven’t received our email invitation to create your account password, please email us at: help (at), so we can send you an invite.

Q. How often should I be sending you my latest catalog extract?
Catalog Extracts: How Often Should I Send One?A. The frequency of updating your catalog extract is up to you, but it should be based on your library’s acquisition schedule. If you add all your new content into your circulation once a week, we suggest updating your extract once a week as well. You will want your patrons to be able to search on your latest and greatest materials, so you’ll want to make sure your catalog extract is as current as possible.

Q. Now that we have launched Our Library App, do you have suggestions on how to best promote it to our patron community?
A. Absolutely! We can assist you with marketing Your Library App. To start, we have placed some sample materials on our website’s Library Marketing Materials page. We can also schedule a call with you and Boopsie’s Account Manager to give you tips other libraries have used to increase Their Library App adoption with their patrons.

Q. We are new to Boopsie for Libraries and still working on setting up Our Library App. Once we’re ready to go live, which stores will Our Library App be available in?
We've Got You Covered on ALL the PlatformsA. When you’re ready, we will be submitting Your Library App to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Market, the Amazon App Market, and the Windows 8 App Store.

Q. I need to make small changes to our app to reflect our new winter/summer hours. How can I get that information updated?
A. If you have text changes you need updated, please email us at: help (at) Let us know exactly what you want changed, with the exact wording, and we’ll update Your Library App for you.

Q. Our library has an updated logo. How can I get my app updated with this new logo?
A. If you want your app updated with your new logo, it will require us to submit an update to the various app stores. Depending on your contract terms, there may be a small fee associated with this update, but our Account Managers can work with your team on the details.


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