Tablet & SmartPhone Users Search 2.4x More When They Type Less

Thursday, Nov 7

In a study earlier this month, Library App users who use Boopsie’s Smart Prefix™ search were found to perform 2.4x more searches on their mobile devices and tablets than users who use traditional keyword search.


Sunnyvale, CA – October 31, 2013 – Smart Prefix™ search by Boopsie is a proprietary way of searching cataloged content, developed specifically for mobile devices and tablets where screens are often small and typing out full words and sentences is difficult and cumbersome. With Smart Prefix search users are only required to enter the first two or three letters of each word in order to produce results. “Ha pot ch” is all that’s required to draw results for “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”

We looked at two different pools of Library App data in our study: Library Apps using Smart Prefix search and Library Apps using traditional keyword search. Each of these pools in our study had over 20,000 unique users per month across five representative apps (ten total apps and almost 50,000 unique users included in the study). We found that when Smart Prefix search was enabled, users performed on average 52.6 searches per month. When Smart Prefix search was not enabled, users only performed 22.3 searches per month on average. By making it significantly easier for users to search and find what they’re looking for, they searched 2.4x as many times! Just imagine what this can do to bolster library circulation if you’re not already using Smart Prefix search with your existing mobile app.

Library App users who use Boopsie’s Smart PrefixTM search were found to perform 2.4x more searches on their mobile devices and tablets than users who use traditional keyword search.

With Smart Prefix search, not only do users have to type less, but they also get instant, updated search results in their Library’s App with each keystroke. And users can search across multiple “search fields” all at the same time (example, title, author, genre, etc.), making it simple and easy to find the particular book or listing that they’re looking for in your catalog.

“Libraries are always looking for ways to increase circulation,” states Tony Medrano, CEO of Boopsie for Libraries. “Our proprietary Search algorithms help prevent abandonment and deliver more checkouts to libraries that use Boopsie.” At the Indiana Library Federation conference this week, Medrano unveiled some of Boopsie’s unique mobile usage data, which has been derived from over 190 million library patron queries which Boopsie processed in 2013.


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