Effective Promotion Can Result in 5x the Number of Patrons Using Your App

This could be the difference between 5,000 vs. 25,000 people taking advantage of your library's resources 24/7, wherever they are.

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Library Website Promotion of App

Website promotion of your app is one of the single-most important measures you can take to promote your new app to your patrons and students. Effective website promotion of the app can result in 5X the number of people using your app. This could be the difference between 5,000 vs. 25,000 people taking advantage of your library's resources 24/7, wherever they are.

There are a number of specific actions to be taken with your website in order to maximize exposure to your patrons and students:

Homepage Promotion

  • Prominent placement of the ad on the homepage, “above-the-fold” (no scrolling down the page required to see the ad)
  • Link to the dedication page promoting Your App (see next point)
  • Click here to view and download the variety of different ads we’ve created for you to use on your homepage to promote Your Library’s App
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Dedicated Page on Your Website Promoting Your App

  • Make it easy to find
  • Inclusion in website sitemap
  • On-site search (if applicable on your website)
  • Include links to this page on major pages within your website
  • Strong Call to Action (“Download Now!”)
  • Link to your unique PIN.boopsie.com for one-click-download
  • Click here to view and download examples of landing pages we’ve put together

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Email Newsletter Announcement

An incredibly important compliment to your website is utilizing your existing Email Newsletters to your patrons and students to let them know about your new Mobile App. We’ve constructed several email templates that you can take advantage of and customize to suit your needs.

  • Dedicate at least one or two newsletters announcing the launch of Your Library’s App
  • Click here to view and download two different templates we’ve put together for this
  • Include regular reminders about Your Library’s App in newsletters on an on-going basis
  • Click here to view examples of promotional copy you can use for these
  • Make sure these always link to your PIN.boopsie.com App URL for one-click-download
  • Announce any major App updates (new eContent access) to your patrons as they are launched

50% or more of emails are opened via mobile devices now, which means email is The Perfect Opportunity to drive downloads and usage of your app, both right after you launch and on a regular basis.

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App Launch Press Release

Launching a local press release about the launch of Your Library’s App is a great way to get the word out to your local community. We’ve put together a template press release that you can customize and use to announce Your Library App launch. Click here to download the press release template.

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In-Library Print Collateral

In-library print collateral is another valuable and important way to let patrons and students know about your app WHILE they are in Your Library. It’s a perfect opportunity to grab their attention while they’re engaged to introduce them to all the ways they can access your libraries services and resources whenever, wherever! We’ve put together a variety of different templates that are quickly and easily customized to Your Library then printed for display and distribution. Click on each of the links on the right for templates to each of the different types of print collateral that we recommend displaying in Your Library once your app is live.

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“App Day” App-Training Sessions and Other Promotion Events

Many libraries already offer a regular “Tech Day” event at the library to aid patrons and students in understanding all the services and resources available to them at their library. Dedicating a regularly occurring Tech Day for Your Library’s App will make sure your community is fully aware that Your Library’s doors never shut now that you offer an App just for them!

Here are some of the major topics we recommend covering during your App Days:

  • Searching the Catalog
  • Accessing and downloading Free eContent
  • OverDrive
  • 3M Cloud Library
  • OneClickdigital
  • Axis 360
  • Ask A Librarian feature
  • Events and Calendars section
  • Multilingual capability (if applicable)
  • BookLook Mobile™ (if applicable)
  • BookCheck™ (if applicable)

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Other Promotional Events: Library Scavenger Hunt

Host an event that is an “educational contest” encouraging your patrons to engage with the app and engage with the library in a fun way.

Create 10 different things that must be completed/accomplished/found for the scavenger hunt, all things that can be done using Your Library's App.

Here are some examples

  • Find a book in the catalog and locate it in the stacks
  • Find and check-out a book via the app
  • Download and read a particular eBook to find a piece of information
  • Download and listen to a particular AudioBook to find a piece of information
  • Find a particular upcoming event at the library (great promotional opportunity too!)
“Americans spend an average of 158 minutes each and every day on our smartphones and tablets. Two hours and seven minutes of that is in an app, and only 31 minutes is in a browser, surfing the old-school web.”- Flurry.com 2013

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