Website Promotion by Libraries Increases Mobile App Usage

Monday, Dec 23

Using data aggregated from soon-to-be-released Boopsie Analytics™ Boopsie confirms that proper Website Promotion of their mobile app increased app usage by 4.5x.


Sunnyvale, CA — December 23, 2013 — Optimized landing pages and website promotion drives downloads, traffic, conversions and page views. It also helps libraries attract new patrons, retain current patrons and build their brand identity and engagement with the community. In a recent test using Boopsie Analytics™, Boopsie for Libraries quantified that Website Promotion for Libraries increased app usage by 450%.

“We work hard to help our libraries increase adoption of their mobile apps and have hired a team of Internet marketing experts to assist our customers,” says Tony Medrano, CEO of Boopsie for Libraries. “Testing adoption rates across libraries that utilize different types of download distribution methodologies with our Boopsie Analytics platform, we have confirmed that libraries can drive an impressive increase in user adoption with just a few simple tactics.”

Data from Boopsie Analytics
In their latest study, Boopsie compared user stats from two major West Coast cities from January to November of 2013. The cities are of comparable populations, the libraries serve similar population sizes and their websites have similar numbers of unique visitors per month. The primary difference between the two libraries in the test was their method of promoting library app downloads. The library that actively promoted their app with a banner on their homepage—and included a brief call to action—received an average of 12,234 new app users per month. The library that relied solely on in-library promotions such as bookmarks, flyers and table top displays received only an average of 2,782 new app users a month.

Difference in App Usage with Website Promotion by Libraries

Benefits of Website Promotion for Libraries
Increases in mobile app usage for libraries translates directly to an increase in circulation, especially from that library’s eBook and eContent subscription services. Seattle Public Library launched their custom-branded app (SPL Mobile) in early 2010 and began promoting it on their website with a simple banner and call to action. Between 2010-2012, Seattle Public Library saw a 332% increase in the number of digital downloads. More information is available on SPL’s digital downloadable media report.

Difference in Digital Downloable Media Usage at the Seattle Public Library

“Boopsie gives libraries a way to extend the reach of their website with a very easy-to-use native mobile app,” says Medrano. “Since American’s spend 80% of their time on mobile devices IN APPS vs. only 20% in mobile browsers, properly distributing their app online is one of the best ways a library can drive circulation.”

How Can Libraries Learn Exactly What to Do?
Bryan Murray, Boopsie’s Senior Account Manager, hosts free live “Library App Marketing” webinars on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Last week’s webinar, Marketing Your Library App 101: Tips & Tools for Effective Promotion, had over 54 Boopsie customer-librarians attend. Libraries who can’t attend a webinar can watch a recorded webinar.

“When libraries launch their new mobile apps, one of the first things they ask for is help promoting their app to their patrons,” says Bryan. “We’ve noticed significant increases in usage and downloads when libraries market their mobile apps on their websites, in email newsletters, in press releases, and on their different social media channels. Boopsie’s live “Webinar Wednesdays” are designed to help our customers boost usage of their library’s app.”

For the most effective use of website promotion, Boopsie recommends that libraries keep their app promotion images highly visible—towards the top of their homepage—with links that offer one-click downloads. One-click downloads can be achieved by libraries linking their banner to their specific Boopsie app page,

Boopsie provides a number of easy-to-use icons and banners on their Marketing Materials page.

For more information about effectively promoting their apps, libraries are encouraged to visit Boopsie for Libraries’ blog for helpful tips.

About Boopsie
Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Boopsie is the industry-leading mobile solution for over 2,500 library locations worldwide. Customers include Seattle Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library, New York University Law School and Brown University. Boopsie’s custom-branded native Mobile Apps for Libraries are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and enable libraries of all sizes to quickly and easily meet the rapidly changing needs of their users with world-class performance. Boopsie’s solutions are fully hosted and all apps are downloadable on smartphones and tablets including Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Kindle Fire and Blackberry.